Choosing An Auctioneer

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Choosing An Auctioneer
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How Do I Choose a Professional Auctioneer Who is Right for my Event?

  • NEVER compare auctioneers just by looking at the fee they charge! This is not an area to be examining in trying to reduce your event budget! An unqualified or inexperienced auctioneer can cost you a lot more money in the end if they don’t earn the crucial dollars for your auction experience. Choose an outstanding (and professional) auctioneer with a great personality and they will earn you more money! You get what you pay for!   

  • Professional auctioneers typically charge either   1) a flat fee   2) fixed or sliding scale percentage on some/all of the auction sales, or   3) a guaranteed minimum flat fee against a percentage of some/all auction sales (whichever is higher). Each will offer very different services for that fee. 

  • Find out what is included in the auctioneer’s fee and if you really need or want all the services included in the price. Many provide extra staffing like ring men or bid “spotters,” registration/cashier personnel, etc.  Evaluate whether or not you need each of the services.  

  • Always choose a PROFESSIONAL auctioneer. Visit their website; get references.  Hearing an auctioneer do a rhythmic bidding chant on a DVD or in an interview meeting is ok, but talking to a past client will give you the best indication of the success of an event and of the performance of its auctioneer!
Northway Auctions offers years of expertise preparing and conducting live auctions both in the general merchandise field and in automobile auction venues.

Our trained and professional staff is qualified to advise  and oversee every aspect of your auction experience. 


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