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Choosing an auctioneer can be hard.  Here are some key points to review with each one you talk with.



Questions to ask: Northway Auction Competitor
How soon I get paid? Same day or 1 week Varies
Do you advertise online? Yes! Varies
Do you list your sales on Yes! Varies
Do you post pictures online? Yes! Varies
Computerized clerking? Yes! No
Credit Cards accepted? Yes! No
Audio & Video recording? Yes! Varies
High Quality Sound System Yes! Varies
Do you have GOOD references? Yes! Varies
Are they full time? Or just part time? Full Time! Varies


Does the auctioneer have the capabilities to successfully bring buyers to your sale?  Does he or she have what it takes to meet your unique needs from start to finish?

We offer many services to our customers to provide them with a complete auction experience.  Auctions for us are routine.  But for many of our customers, the auction experience we plan for them is the only auction they will ever have.  We take great effort and strive to tailor the experience to their individual needs!  No two auctions are the same!

Call us today and let us show you what we can do for you!



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